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Do's & Don'ts


  •    Issue of Securities

    Read the Prospectus/ Abridged Prospectus and carefully note:
      Risk factors pertaining to the issue.
      Outstanding litigations and defaults, if any
      Financials of the issuer.
      Object of the issue.
      Company history.
      Background of promoters.
      Instructions before making application.
    In case of any doubt/problem, contact the compliance officer named in the offer document.
    In case you do not receive physical certificates/credit to demat account or application money refund, lodge a complaint with compliance officer of issuer company and post issue lead manager as stated in the offer document.
    Do not fall prey to market rumors.
    Do not go by any implicit/explicit promise made by the issuer or any one else
    Do not invest based on Bull Run of the market index/scrips of other companies in same industry/issuer company.
    Do not bank upon the price of the shares of the issuer company to go up in the short run.
  •    Investing in Derivatives

    Go through all rules, regulations, bye-laws and disclosures made by the exchanges.
    Trade only through - Trading Member (TM) registered with SEBI or authorized person of TM registered with the exchange.
    While dealing with an authorised person, ensure that the contract note has been issued by the TM of the authorized person only.
    While dealing with an authorized person, pay the brokerage/payments/margins etc. to the TM only.
    Ensure that for every executed trade you receive duly signed contract note from your TM highlighting the details of the trade along with your unique client-id.
    Obtain receipt for collateral deposited with Trading Member (TM) towards margin.
    Go through details of Client-Trading Member Agreement.
    Know your rights and duties vis-à-vis those of TM/ Clearing Member.
    Be aware of the risk associated with your positions in the market and margin calls on them.
    Collect / pay mark to market margins on your futures position on a daily basis from / to your Trading member.
    Do not start trading before reading and understanding the Risk Disclosure Documents
    Do not trade on any product without knowing the risk and rewards associated with it
  •    Collective Investment Scheme(CIS)

    Before investing ensure that the entity is registered with SEBI.
    Read the offer document of the scheme especially the risk factors carefully.
    Check the viability of the project.
    Check and verify the background/expertise of the promoters
    Ensure clear and marketable title of the property/assets of the entity
    Ensure that the Collective Investment Management Company has the necessary infrastructure to carry out the scheme
    Check the credit rating of the scheme and tenure of the rating
    Check for the appraisal of the scheme and read the brief appraisal report.
    Read carefully the objects of the scheme.
    Check for the promise vis-a-vis performance of the earlier schemes in the offer document.
    Do not invest in any CIS entity not having SEBI registration.
    Do not get carried away by indicative returns.
    Do not invest based on market rumors.
  •    Dealing with Brokers and Sub-Brokers

    Deal only with SEBI registered intermediaries.
    Ensure that the intermediary has a valid registration certificate
    Ensure that the intermediary is permitted to transact in the market.
    State clearly who will be placing orders on your behalf
    Insist on client registration form to be signed by the intermediary before commencing operations
    Enter into an agreement with your broker or sub-broker setting out terms and conditions clearly
    Insist on contract note/ confirmation memo for trades done each day
    Insist on bill for every settlement.
    Ensure that broker’s name, trade time and number, transaction price and brokerage are shown distinctly on the contract note.
    Insist on periodical statement of accounts.
    Issue cheques/drafts in trade name of the intermediary only.
    Ensure receipt of payment/ deliveries within 48 hours of payout.
    In case of disputes, file written complaint to intermediary/ Stock Exchange/SEBI within a reasonable time
    In case of sub-broker disputes, inform the main broker about the dispute within 6 months
    Familiarise yourself with the rules, regulations and circulars issued by stock exchanges/SEBI before carrying out any transaction
    Do not deal with unregistered intermediaries
    Do not pay more than the approved brokerage to the intermediary.
    Do not undertake deals for others.
    Do not neglect to set out in writing, orders for higher value given over phone.
    Do not sign blank Delivery instruction slip(s) while meeting security payin obligation
    Don’t accept unsigned/duplicate contract note/confirmation memo
    Don’t accept contract note/confirmation memo signed by any unauthorised person.
    Don’t delay payment/deliveries of securities to broker/ sub-broker.
    Don’t get carried away by luring advertisements, if any.
    Don’t be led by market rumors or get into shady transactions
  •    Investing In Mutual Funds

    Read the offer document carefully before investing.
    Note that investments in Mutual Funds may be risky
    Mention your bank account number in the application form
    Invest in a scheme depending upon your investment objective and risk appetite
    Note that Net Asset Value of a scheme is subject to change depending upon market conditions
    Insist for a copy of the offer document/key information memorandum before investing
    Note that past performance of a scheme is not indicative of future performance
    Past performance of a scheme may or may not be sustained in future
    Keep track of the Net Asset Value of a scheme, where you have invested, on a regular basis
    Ensure that you receive an account statement for the money that you have invested.
    Update yourself on the performance of the scheme on a regular basis.
    Do not invest in a scheme just because somebody is offering you a commission or other incentive, gifts etc.
    Do not get carried away by the name of the scheme/Mutual Fund
    Do not fall prey to promises of unrealistic returns
    Do not forget to take note of risks involved in the investment
    Do not hesitate to approach concerned persons and then the appropriate authorities for any problem.
    Do not deal with any agent/broker dealer who is not registered with Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI).